Juveland supports children's social initiatives

16 October 2019

Juveland brand responded to a bright initiative of one of the gymnasiums of Kyiv city and supporled "My zoofriend" charity fair. Every year pupils of the gymnasium look forward to this event. Children come to the educational institution with their pets. There is a bright parade and a charity fair in the courtyard of the gymnasium, and the collected funds are donated by the institution to support the animals in the shelter.

Juveland OMG! Unicom super-novelty was presented at the fair! Juveland gathered hundreds of children at its location. This day, many pupils of the gymnasium came in the costumes of unicoms and took part in a bright flash mob organized by the brand. The parlicipants of the activity received sweet gifts from Juveland.

As Tetiana Korovina, the Category Manager, says, "My zoofriend" fair is such a concentration of kindness and fun that emotions simply overwhelm. "We support the desire of our consumers to show kindness, to be open to everything new and to change the world for the better! The mission of our brand is to develop imagination and creativity, to be optimistic. Therefore, we will support such bright initiatives in the future with great pleasltre" , - comments Tetiana.

Juveland also donated funds collected during the fair to suppofi the animals in the shelter. 

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