FRUX fruit chocolate is a summer that never ends!

5 November 2019

The company introduces to the market a product that will change the beliefs of Ukrainians about chocolate – it is non-standard FRUX fruit chocolate. The product is based on natural fruits and berries. No dyes and artificial flavors, only natural taste and rich smell.

"To do what is beyond others, to set trends, to surprise: these are the principles of the company and the course, which the team proceeds on. That is why we have created an extraordinary FRUX fruit chocolate. The product is unique in the market, and its essence and quintessence lies in its name. This chocolate is for those who like to experiment and choose originality", says Yevheniia Savytska, Category Manager.

The specialty is represented by three rich flavors: lemon, black currant and strawberry.

Each chocolate bar contains pieces of natural fruits and berries. Thus, 11 pieces of citrus were used for creation of Lemon chocolate bar, 33 currants - for Black currant, and Strawberry chocolate  contains 15 strawberries. Each chocolate has its own unique color.

The packaging design of the product is also extraordinary, created in accordance with modern European trends. It is a bold art with bright colored accents that emphasize the berry richness of the product. Thanks to such design solutions, fruit chocolate will stand out on the grocery shelves.

Today the range of FRUX chocolate has no analogues in Ukraine. Soon the specialty will be on sale.

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