0% of added sugar! The company has launched new STIVI chocolate

20 November 2019

A healthy lifestyle is a global trend that gains popularity every day. Taking care of its consumers, the company has created healthy STIVI chocolate. The product contains 60% of cocoa, pieces of natural berries and nuts, and most importantly - 0% of added sugar. 

To create the specialty, there were used exclusively natural and safe sugar substitutes of the new generation: stevia, maltitol and fiber. 

Stevia (honey grass) is one of the most popular natural sugar substitutes, which, in particular, was approved by experts of the World Health Organization. Its use is recommended even in diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders. Another natural sugar substitute is maltitol, which is derived from corn or potato starch and is also an excellent alternative to sugar and does not cause caries.  

 "STIVI chocolate is a balance of taste and benefit. Do you know the feeling after eating a piece of chocolate? Forget about it. From now on, you can enjoy chocolate without worrying about healthy smile or extra centimeters. I think we fulfilled a dream of many girls", - tells Yevheniia Savytska, a Category Manager.

The packaging design of the product also emphasizes its naturalness. It is contemporary art with an emphasis on natural purity and energy. 

The specialty is presented in two versions: dark chocolate without additives and dark chocolate with pieces of natural blueberries and chopped nuts. Choose which one you like best and enjoy life to the fullest.

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