Say "No" to routinel Trueffle was transformed into a youth brand

11 December 2019

AVK company continues to surprise consumers by breathing a new life into key brands. Today renewed Trueffle is entering the arena. The team has enough courage to view the product, beloved by a million people, from a very new angle.

Having done a rebranding and having expanded the range of products with extraordinary tastes, the team set its sights on the youth market. These are young people enjoying life, hunting for adventures and vivid impressions, avoiding daily routine. Trueffle’s new message is exactly how to combat boredom.

Yevheniia Savytska, a brand marketing manager, says: «Brand suggests not to be a victim of the situation and to take the boredom under control. The quintessence of the new Trueffle is the philosophy of going beyond the ordinary. After all - the candy itself is a classic truffle in an entirely new unexpected form».

As from now, Trueffle product portfolio consists of six bright tastes and a variety of formats.

The company is confident of success, so as Trueffle is the only unusual truffle candy in the world, breaking stereotypes, amazes by shape, variety of unusual tastes and texture, which instantly melts in the mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Advertising communications have been involved for the brand’s maximum support. On national TV and on the Internet, a series of advertising spots have been released.

Volodymyr Avramenko, AVK founder and director general, commented on his Facebook page: “This is the year of cardinal changes! Team’s new philosophy and fresh perspective on food brands. All our courage and originality can be seen in Trueffle series of videos.”

Yevheniia Savytska says about the main idea of the videos: “The characters are in situations from which they want to literally escape. Being bored they twist Trueffles in their hands and reality changes suddenly – it becomes unexpected, bright and merry. An innovative method has been used in the videos, which might seem to be quite weird, but that is the main task – to surprise the viewer and to stick in the memory as an attribute of combating triviality.”

In addition, the advertising campaign is enhanced through non-standard media, namely on LED-screens and public transport.

The brand has also activated a page on Facebook and Instagram.

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