The Juveland brand has launched a bright novelty - jelly drops!

20 May 2020

Juveland once again delighted Ukrainian consumers, this time with a new product Juveland Beans, which has no analogues in the Ukrainian market among domestic producers.

Juveland BEANS jelly drops are not just a new product in the range. The company has discovered a new category, which is becoming more popular in the world every day.

Crispy fruit shell and juicy gum base - that's why it's so hard to stop tasting Juveland BEANS. The advantage of the product lies in its naturalness. The candies are made with the addition of juice, only natural dyes are used in the recipe.

The drops are made in the shape of beans. Having chosen the flavors that consumers like the most, the team created two bright mixes: Juveland Berry Beans and Juveland Frutto Beans. Each package of a convenient size has three rich flavors.

Today, jelly drops are the best-selling candies in the world. The Juveland brand sets a standard at the Ukrainian market!

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