AVK brought more than 900 children's talent to light

3 July 2013

The company AVK has completed the first phase of a large-scale campaign “Juviland is looking for talents”. For over two months, parents could download photos and videos of their children on the page of the brand “Juviland” in the social network “VKontakte”, describe their talents and “earn” points by downloading codes from packages and collecting “likes”. Several netbooks, tablet computers and mobile phones were put up for lottery among the most active participants.

The parents have placed 946 photos of their children throughout the campaign. Acting Marketing Director of AVK, Yuri Savitsky says: “Each new work confirmed that each and every child is special and talented. One child skilfully helps her mother, another one carefully presses flowers whereas some kids know how enjoy a balmy sleep :). Among participants there were talented musicians, professional sportsmen, and real actors”.

Winners were determined by random electronic selection. Each month, three phones, two tablet computers and one netbook were raffled among those participants who had scored more than 300 points. In addition, each week 50 top-ups for mobile phones were raffled among all the participants.

Moreover, those participants who had scored over 1,000 points got another chance to win a prize after the end of the campaign. A LEGO kit was raffled among them. The AVK team hopes that these awards will help children in developing their talents and reaching new heights.

In the future, the brand “Juviland” will continue to support talented children and their parents, offering them exciting and fun contests. Already this fall, the second phase of this campaign will begin to promote children's talents.

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