The brand “Juviland” set an All-Ukrainian record along with children

6 June 2013

On the Children’s Day, the company AVK and the brand “Juviland” became partners of the festival “World of Talents – Pride of the Nation” . The celebration took place in the centre of Kyiv and it was accompanied by the establishing of the All-Ukrainian record by launching the greatest number of balloons with children’s wishes.

A number of participants whose intention was to make a wish has been larger than expected – subsequently, 1,288 balloons flied to Kyiv’s sky.

All of those who were present at the celebration could see for themselves that all children are special inasmuch as all young talents were not only able to tell about their abilities, but also show them.

During the day, children were actively involved in exciting games, they were playing on the scene, testing their drawing abilities in the painting area, taking photos with characters designed by the brand “Juviland” and receiving gifts.

After such an active recreation, children tied their wishes to balloons, received symbolic certificates of participation in setting the record and prepared for launch.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Book of Records were monitoring compliance with the rules and counting every balloon.

The festival ended with a concert, which included performances by talented children and the reknowned singers (Natalie Valevska, Vasyl Bondarchuk, Catherine Buzhynska, Marietta, Aida Nykolaichuk, Larissa Hordyera, Denis Lyubimov, Suzanne Abdullah, LissaWassabi and others).

Here are some of the children’s wishes, which flew along with balloons:
I want a brother and a sister!

I want people to be kinder!

I want my relatives to always smile!

I want to fly into space!
I want to make my parents proud!

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