AVK gained awards of the international competition «Innovative Product 2013»

27 February 2013

Sweets produced by the company AVK won honorable awards at the international competition “Innovative Product 2013”. The candies Trufalie De Luxe (Gold Medal) and the weight candies Truffle Milky  (Silver Medal) got the jury’s appreciation for the innovations of the product contents.

The contest was part of the jubilee international exhibition of food, drinks and food raw materials for their production “Prodexpo-2013”. This exhibition is the largest international forum in Eastern Europe, which has largely defined the vector of development of the food industry for the past 20 years.

“The awards, which have been won by the “AVK” sweets within one of the largest international industry competitions, verify the highest quality of our products and indicate a high level of innovative developments in our company”, emphasizes the director of research, development and quality control of the confectionery company AVK, Valeriy Novikov.

In particular, the main feature of the candies Trufalie De Luxe is their extremely delicate chocolate texture. This candy instantly melts in the mouth and bestows all lovers of dainties delicate moments of enjoyment of a flavourful taste. Moreover, its thin layer of sprinkled cocoa powder adds a pleasant piquancy to the product.

Truffle Milky  is created following a unique recipe created specifically for fans of milk chocolate. Behind the finest embossed coating hides a soft filling that melts in your mouth and has an exquisite flavor of truffle.

Organizers say that in modern conditions only a constant development and striving to create a qualitatively new and enhanced products allow companies to occupy the leading position in the industry.

The competition was attended by more than 2,200 companies from 63 countries, including the well-known market leaders – the US, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and others.

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