Muslims can enjoy halal sweets produced by AVK

19 September 2012

The company AVK has successfully passed the certification of the products manufactured in accordance with Sharia. The award of the certificate “Halal” for a part of the product assortment grants the company more opportunities to delight all Ukrainian Muslims with its sweets, as well as to expand the export of products to the Islamic countries.

On the initiative of the company, the representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma” have visited the production plant twice in this year. After a successful inspection of the production for compliance with the Halal standards, 120 AVK brands were certified. Among them there are more than 60 types of chocolate sweets, chocolate-coated dragees, bar chocolate candies, jelly chewing sweets and pastilles, biscuits and crispy rolls, air bars and wafers. At the moment, registration of the relevant documents is being carried out. In the near future, our company will mark all the products that have passed certification with a “halal” sign on the Ukrainian-language page of our website in the “Products” section specifically for Muslims of Ukraine.

The mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma”, Said Ismagilov said that the halal certification procedure is a new phenomenon for Ukraine. Such initiatives will open the opportunity to overcome the information vacuum about which products do not contain animal fats, alcohol additives, gelatine and other components prohibited by the Islamic standards. “The last check for compliance with the Halal standard was relevant for meat, sausages and canned food, but now it has also become important for confectionery production”, says Said Ismagilov.

The products manufactured by the company AVK , the largest producer of chocolate sweets in Ukraine, are of constantly high quality, they have innovative formulations, original taste and reasonable prices. These features have already been appreciated by consumers from more than 20 countries, including Iraq, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, which regularly buy products by AVK. After receiving the Halal certificate, confectionery products of the company AVK will be imported to Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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