The company AVK is included in the top-ten most respected Ukrainian employers

16 May 2012

The AVK Company has been included in the top-ten most respected Ukrainian employers according to the research carried out by Reputation Capital, HeadHunter and Rost Group in compliance with the international procedure of the Reputation Institute. The study was carried out during 2011 and included the analysis of opinions of existing, potential and former employees of the employing company.

“We closely monitor whether the employees are satisfied with their jobs”, says the Staff Director of AVK, Sergey Tikhonravov. “Excellent reputation inside our company is no less important than the appreciation  of our consumers because our product is a source of joy and pleasure. It is impossible to create a chefd’oeuvre when being in a bad mood”.

Working in the highly competitive confectionery business, the company aims to predict future customers’ expectations, so it must feature flexibility and the ability to make decisions rapidly as well as to be prepared for unusual steps. This approach creates more potentially successful opportunities for effective and ambitious professionals who are ready to take responsibility and respond to market challenges.

Sergey Tikhonravov believes that the company has managed to create a highly-competent team of well-motivated enthusiasts: “Creatively different work leads to special awards, we have good conditions for those professionals who like risks and changes. Such people are already making rapid career in our company and obtain good money”.

According to the Staff Director of the AVK, the company is looking for experts on the side only on conditions that the internal candidate pool for the desired position is exhausted.

Career and creative prospects, and continuous analysis of the working environment of employees, including both material and mental conditions, allow us to work on preventing recessionary events in the several thousand strong group, rather than their correction.

One of the authors of the research, Oleg Kershys, Director of Reputation Capital Group, believes that the pro-active management of reputational risks of the employer is much more efficient than solving problems in the form of crisis communications. He says: “Our research will extend experience of the best employers and other market participants, and generally improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the Ukrainian business”.

A quick overview of the general research results and evaluation criteria can be found here:   

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