AVK presented the company’s crown jewel - the new Royal Masterpiece

6 March 2017

On March 6, the AVK confectionery company introduced a new Royal Masterpiece - a product which had taken over sixteen years of the team’s work to make it perfect.

The history of the brand began in 2001. The Company was intended to create an outstanding product for the country to be proud of. Over the years, the shape and recipe of chocolates, as well as the packaging, have changed. Thus, there was a time, when Paco Rabanne, the couturier, worked on the packaging design.

During the event, Volodymyr Avramenko, General Director of the Company, told about the evolution of the country’s most delicious sweets, “Sixteen years ago, we set the goal of making a real Masterpiece. And all these years, we have been striving for perfection. Our Royal Masterpiece passed four stages of evolution, each of which was bright. We paused and decided not to enter the market until we launch an absolutely perfect product. And we did it. We have achieved the indicators and criteria that we planned at the beginning of our path. Even more than that, we have surpassed them”.

The Royal Masterpiece of today is a delicate combination of natural chocolate, crispy waffle, walnut stuffing, and whole hazelnut in one candy. The unique feature of the product is that it is made up of 72% of Ukrainian basic stuff. Only nuts and cocoa are imported from abroad and are of the highest quality.

During the event, Andrii Hariazha, Quality Director, told about the components of the product and the particulars of the recipe. According to him, the combination of components of the new sweets had been highly appreciated by an international independent expert center. “More than 90% of respondents gave the highest rating to Royal Masterpiece. This product has become the embodiment of all our strength, professionalism, and love for our consumers. These are really candies for Queens,” said the expert.

The product is already highly praised in the countries of the European Union, in the Arab Emirates, China, and Saudi Arabia. They were also presented at international exhibitions in Germany and Dubai.

“AVK presents not just chocolates, but a masterpiece of chocolate art. When creating the new Royal Masterpiece, we worked with the most famous design studios, global advertising agencies, and studied the markets. Today, consumers are waiting for special, innovative chocolates, an exquisite product. The one we present today,” said Zoriana Berezova, Brand Manager of the Company.

AVK makes a present to all Ukrainian women by presenting the new chocolates in the early days of spring. The slogan of the brand’s advertising campaign is Pamper Your Queens Oftener. In this way, AVK suggests men telling their feelings to their beloved ones oftener and pampering them with sweet surprises. Royal Masterpiece chocolates are the gift to be highly appreciated by the most demanding beauty. 

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