The joint social project of AVK and started under the name of early birds

26 June 2017

A social project called the Early Birds is being implemented in the partnership of the AVK Company with the editors of the online magazine.

The purpose of the project is to discover young and yet undiscovered talents in Ukraine and to communicate with young people on topics of interest to them in a language that they understand.

Today’s young generation sees the world differently; they are more broad-minded and see no limits. Accomplishments of schoolchildren can inspire not only their peers for new achievements but also the adult generation for an unconventional approach to things and phenomena. The Early Birds project will not only tell the stories of such young people but also support their aspirations to achieve more. 

AVK is working on expanding its target audience. The Early Birds is the second joint project of the Company and the top-rated youth publication. As part of the first project, the Ukrainians were told unique stories about twenty-five masterpieces of Ukraine through the information platforms of the publication. The project was a great success among the progressive audience. We are confident that our Early Birds, as another useful social initiative of the Company, will get a public response.

 The project started on June 26 and would last until December 2017.

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