AVK sweets are now available in Vietnam

7 December 2017

The Company keeps on expanding its geographic footprint in the world. From now on, AVK sweets can be bought from the shelves of the stores in another Asian country, Vietnam. The first deliveries of products were made in August this year.

AVK has already delivered its first fifty tons of sweets to the market of the country. These are primarily tubular waffles, praline, fructose chocolate, etc. We are still working on the expansion of sales channels of products. Thus, today, one can purchase AVK sweets both in Hanoi, the capital of the country, and in other cities of Vietnam. We are gradually moving to the south of the country: our products appear on the store shelves in Ho Chi Minh City.  

“This market has its own peculiarities. They do not like too sweet products here. In all Asia-Pacific markets, 75% of sales success is determined by the quality and appearance of the packaging. They prefer the premium container of sweets here,” says Illia Tupikhin, Head of the New Market Development Department.

AVK’s products will surely win the hearts of the consumers of this country because the sweets of the Company meet the tastes of the Vietnamese. 

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