A number of AVK products labeled as ECO product

19 January 2018

Twelve products of the AVK confectionery company have successfully passed the environmental certification and received the international certificate of the Center for Environmental Certification and Labeling of the NGO Living Planet. The Certificate confirms the improved characteristics of the products regarding their effects on human health and the environment.

In particular, the Major, Bam-Buk, and KRESKO dry extrusion-type technology products have been certified, as well as the range of AVK chocolate (the list of product names is in the documents below).

Today, more and more consumers around the world are aware of the benefit and prefer products and services that do not harm their health and the environment. A reliable benchmark for choosing such products is the environmental labeling. 

Obtaining certificates is a significant step forward for the Company because the goods labeled as ECO Products have environmental benefits over another (similar) ones presented on the market. This is an important achievement for AVK as a socially responsible company on its way to fulfilling its mission. 

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