Winter holidays with AVK - sweet emotions for the whole family!

25 January 2018

During the winter holiday period, the AVK confectionery company pleased the Ukrainians with interesting events and sweet gifts.

In the capital of Ukraine, AVK acted as a partner of the Residence of Santa Claus as part of the Winter Country project, which took place on the VDNKh territory in Kyiv. Every visitor could immerse themselves into the fairy-tale atmosphere of good and enchantment. Children were welcomed with pleasant surprises, games, and fun with hard-working elves, festive photo sessions, and many more. And most importantly, the little ones had the delight of talking to Santa Claus, the master of the Residence, and his assistants - good Elves. The old man listened carefully to all the cherished desires of boys and girls and took a picture with each of them. A celebration calls for sweets. Nobody was left without a sweet gift. The children returned home with sweets from AVK.

“The New Year is a bright and beautiful holiday with happy children’s faces. For several years in a row, AVK has helped Santa Claus present sweets to kids and arrange his residence. We favor adults and kids with family holidays and help them gain a glimpse into the fairy tale,” - says Roman Babets, Acting General Director of the Company.

In the city of Dnipro, the Company invited everyone to the Lavina Amusement Park. It offered the children funny winter animal animators, interesting quizzes, a bright photo zone, and many exciting surprises. One of the main attractions was a large skating rink with a total area of 1800 sq.m., decorated by the Company. 

The activities from AVK will last for several months; the rink will also work till spring. So AVK invites everyone who dreams of learning to skate to the Lavina Amusement Park in Dnipro. Animators will be happy to instruct visitors about the basics of skating. 

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