AVK makes young talents known to the world!

7 February 2018

The Early Birds social project which the Company implemented in conjunction with the Platfor.ma youth publication has come to excellent results. The ambitious goal was set to make young and still unheard-of Ukrainian talents known to the world. The idea was put into practice!

As part of the project, Ukrainian teenagers wrote letters to well-known people, telling their ideas. Some of these days, Marco Lambertini, Director General of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), replied to the letter of one of our heroes. Mykyta Shulha, along with his classmate Sofiia-Khrystyna Borysiuk, came up with a waste composting technology for school cafeterias and called it Compola.

In his letter and video address, Lambertini emphasized the importance of such local initiatives and their contribution to reducing waste and environmental damage. He drew attention to the fact that 50% of processed foods turn into waste while many people are starving in the world. The Director-General also made a point of the perfect English and handwriting of Mykyta.

“The Early Birds social project became a launching pad for gifted Ukrainian youth. Discovering names that will shape the future of Ukraine, or even the world, and giving them the opportunity to manifest themselves is an extraordinary victory for us all!” Volodymyr Avramenko, the founder of AVK, noted.

Somewhat earlier, AVK used the Early Birds project to attract the attention of the Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine to the ideas of the young innovator. Minister Ostap Semerak personally initiated the meeting with Mykyta Shulha and became interested in the ideas of the young boy.

We are proud that we have managed not only to tell about the early talents but also to support their desire to achieve more. Who knows, maybe tomorrow, one of them will change our world for the better!

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