AVK expands its production - a new biscuit complex opened

28 March 2018

The AVK confectionery company has expanded its production facilities in the city of Dnipro, launching a new complex of biscuit production.

The opening of additional manufacturing lines with the production capacity of ten thousand tons a year will allow the Company to double the production output of such cereal products as KRESKO, Major, Bam-Buk, etc.

With the launch of the new complex, during the first month of operation, the total volume of production of AVK biscuit products was over 1800 tons. The delicacies of this category are made exclusively from Ukrainian stuffs and have an EKO Product label on them.

“Last year, we launched to the market an innovative product unique in Ukraine - KRESKO sweet crunchy snacks. The production method of such delicacies allows preserving all the useful properties of cereals and excluding carcinogens. The high demand for the new product and biscuit products, in general, exceeded all our expectations. So, in order to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, it was decided to open a new complex,” said Volodymyr Avramenko, the founder of the AVK Company.

AVK invested almost UAH 120 million in the launch of the complex. The new production site is own unique engineering developments of the Company, based on the best practices. AVK involved about forty contracting organizations from around the world, including in Ukraine.

To ensure the operation of the complex, the Company created 120 new skilled jobs. The staff underwent a half-yearly training.

According to the last-year results, export sales of the Company’s cereal products grew by 1.7 times. The delicacies of this category will become the top-of-the-range in the export of AVK and in 2018. The most interested markets are those of the Arabic countries and China.

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