AVK makes kids’ dreams come true!

21 May 2018

For the Day of Europe, the Company made the cherished dreams of three young Dnipro residents come true. The Company enabled the kids to train in what they like in order to become real professionals in the future.   

AVK acted as the principal partner of the Festival of European Culture and Traditions, which took place in Dnipro. As part of the family holiday held in the Heroes’ Square, the Company implemented a social project called the Children’s Dreams Coming True.

On that day, all who wished could come to the jungle gym, which the Company deployed in the city square, and take part in the project. Little dreamers brought about the fulfillment of their cherished desires, reproducing them on paper. A total of 1200 kids shared their dreams with the celebration organizers. But fortune smiled upon an 11-year-old Oleksandr Myronov, whose cherished dream was to become a famous chef, and 12-year-old Marharyta and Alisa Beketov sisters, who above all wanted to become programmers. The Company is going to pay for the training of the children in specialized institutions, in which they will get acquainted with the basics of the profession to be sure to become professionals in the future.

“I made up my mind to become a programmer because I really wanted our country to move forward to become modern and technological. It all started with my interest in the math in the 4th grade. It was then that I realized that I wanted to become a programmer. I think it will come true, and I will promote Ukraine in Europe,” one of the sisters shared her emotions.

Oleksandr’s dream of becoming a chef will also soon begin to come true. The boy told that he cooked a lot of dishes at home, from cakes to cocktails, and was eager to share his favorite recipe.

In addition, the winners and their families will be on tour to the AVK production site to witness firsthand their favorite sweets being manufactured.   

 “The heart of AVK is beating in Dnipro; this is where the production of our Company is located. We are pleased to be involved in social activities and projects, contributing to the development of the region. Today, AVK carries out an important mission of turning the secret dreams of children into reality, and therefore, making them happier. Can there be a bigger reward than a kid’s smile? I am convinced that the Children’s Dreams Coming True social project has encouraged everyone to think about the things which are important for them right now and can make them happier. Turning the dream of little Dnipro city residents into reality, we get another proof that miracles happen where they are believed in!” stated Oleh Hariazha, Chief Technology Officer of Dnipro factory of the AVK Company in Dnipro.

There was, as always, much fun in the AVK jungle gym, which was already loved by children throughout the country. Boys and girls were having fun jumping on the trampoline, playing with animal animators, and most importantly, dreaming!    

There was also an itinerant trade of the branded chain of AVK stores with a coffee shop available in the Square for the celebration visitors to buy sweets and taste the Baristi fragrant coffee drinks.

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