Volodymyr Avramenko: competition for skills is one of the challenges for the business today

1 June 2018

Volodymyr Avramenko, the founder of the AVK Company, took part in the annual international trade forum of market leaders FMCG Live International Marketplace (LIM 2018), which took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine these days.

The main topic of the Forum was the development of the business of trade and production of FMCG goods both in Ukraine and in foreign markets. The event brought together more than 400 delegates from 10 countries and became the largest international meeting of the year in the field of trade and exports, the development of retail business, distribution, and production.

Volodymyr Avramenko spoke at the Made in Ukraine session and, based on his own experience, described the main challenges facing the Ukrainian business today.  

“Today, the competition for skills comes to the fore. It is the result of various factors, in particular, the demographic situation and emigration from the country in search of better conditions. This applies not only to white collars (the management) but also to the so-called blue collars (production professions). The mission of our Company in this direction is to raise the standard of living and income of employees for professionals to be willing to work in Ukraine,” said Volodymyr Avramenko. 

He also emphasized the peculiarities of the Millennial Generation and their role in the team. Talking to business representatives, the founder of the AVK Company said, “Compete for Generation Y, give them the opportunity to be themselves. We will have no future without the youth. An important role is played by the effective organization of the adaptation process in the company. The HR management should be given the greatest consideration.” 

Among the main challenges, Volodymyr Avramenko also marked the change of approach to the production of a modern product (service).

“I have drawn a conclusion that the era of mono-product production is now history. Today, every producer of FMCG is trying to erase borders and go beyond the boundaries. The product is changing and transforming into something new. For example, LEGO is not just a toy today. The market is heading toward the product being even more diverse and its consumption being faster. This is a global trend,” said the businessman.

During the Forum, the participants held a series of business negotiations on the supply of goods to the distributive networks of Ukraine and the world, exchanged the experience in the field of commercial business and the production of quality goods.

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