The official statement on the design of the candy boxes (tubes) marketed in Germany by DOVGAN GmbH

15 June 2018

AVK is a Ukrainian confectionery company, which is one of the leaders of the national market. The export geography of the Company is more than sixty countries of the world.

For many years, AVK has been cooperating under the Private Label with the DOVGAN GmbH German Company, which sells products under the Matroschka brand mainly in Germany and other European Union countries. According to the arrangements, the Company’s candies were supplied to the German partners.

The visualization design of the tube is not the development of AVK; the layout is created by its partners, based on their own considerations. Under the terms of the contract, the German company reserves the right to unilaterally make decisions on the design of the packages.

In addition, DOVGAN GmbH, entering into subsequent contracts with German distributive networks, does not notify AVK of their terms.

We share the opinion of the public and indignation in social media that has arisen as a result of the current situation.

To date, any deliveries of products to the DOVGAN GmbH German Company are suspended. In addition, the proceeds from the implementation of this batch of sweets will be directed at the charity and support of social programs in Ukraine.

AVK is a nationally conscious company. The honest name and brand are our most expensive intangible assets!

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