BAM-BUK and MAZHOR dainty received an independent quality mark Dobryi Znak (Good Sign) - a marking that guarantees high quality and safety of products

14 May 2019

The products of Bam-Buk and Mazhor were the first in their category to be successfully tested in European laboratories for compliance with the world and Ukrainian standards of quality and safety and received the Dobryi Znak (Good Sign)  - marking.

The testing of sweets by the independent system of quality control and food safety Dobryi Znak (Good Sign)  is the initiative of the company AVK. We are always confident in the unquestioning quality of our sweets, which is now confirmed by European laboratories.    

From now on, the  Dobryi Znak (Good Sign)  label is on the packaging of such sweets: 

 - MAZHOR cherry

 - MAZHOR cocoa

 - BAM-BUK – SWEET TASTE! with condensed milk taste

 - BAM-BUK – SWEET TASTE! with strawberries and cream taste

 - BAM-BUK – SWEET TASTE! with chocolate.  

Audit of the company was conducted in several stages. Our production facilities in the city of Dnepr underwent thorough testing, in particular, compliance with one of the most stringent standards in the world - the IFS standard.

Another stage is the quality and safety control of product samples themselves. Tests conducted in the European laboratory Eurofins have confirmed that there are no carcinogens, GMOs, mycotoxins, E. coli and impurities in the delicacy.

The mission of the Dobryi Znak (Good Sign)  project, initiated by TV channel STB, is to identify high-quality and safe food and to create a culture of conscious consumption in Ukrainian society. Therefore, obtaining a marking Dobryi Znak (Good Sign) for AVK is a new stage.  The company once again emphasized that it cares about its customers, producing extremely tasty and safe products of high quality!

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