The Handmade Truffles Collection Is an Exclusive of AVK Corporate Chain

26 September 2019

Delicacy and elegance are the words associated with truffle classic French candies, some of the most popular sweets in the world. However, you do not have to go to France to try this piece of pastry. The handmade truffles collection can now be purchased at the AVK Corporate Chain with a coffee shop in the Dnipro.

Our chocolatiers have made a real gastronomic breakthrough. The Kraft Truffles Collection is a complete palette of 9 types of unique truffle candies, each of which is special. Truffles are presented in both classic and exotic flavor combinations. The highlight of the collection is the undertones of refined alcoholic beverages that are present in most candies. The name of each candy indicates the main flavor accents in its recipe:

Baileys Liqueur Milk Truffle;

Passion Fruit White Truffle;

Classic Raspberry Truffle;

Rum and Poblano Pepper Truffle;

Blue Curacao White Truffle;

Classic Rum Truffle;

Creamy Walnut Truffle;

Mozart Milk Truffle

Cranberry and Vodka Truffle.

The friendly staff of the Corporate Chain with a special pleasure will tell you about each candy. To buy it and take it with you or to enjoy a truffle in a coffee shop with a cup of fragrant hot drink is for you to choose.   

Collected in a premium box, the truffle collection will be the perfect gift for true gourmets. Dedicated for special people and special moments that you want to remember. 

You can buy candies at the Corporate Chain in Dnipro at:

11г Zhurnalistiv Str.

125 Dmitra Yavornitskogo Ave.

6а Pastera Str.

11б Kalinova Str.

15 Hlinky Str. 

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