New Design, Exclusive Flavors and Less Sugar Are a New Era of Royal Charm

26 September 2019

For 14 years, consumers both in Ukraine and abroad have been choosing the Royal Charm brand. For 8 months of this year sales amounted to 2,280 tons. Sweets are exported to more than 27 countries.

Royal Charm, with 6 % market share (in monetary terms) in the segment of chocolate candy sold by weight, is re-branding, captivating its youth audience. 

“Queens can do anything they want!” It is the brand’s new slogan. It is a kind of manifesto, a call to be free from the rules, to dare to redraw old stereotypes, because every girl strives for self-expression, for revealing talents.

The product line is presented in a new design, and the traditional candy palette is complemented by trendy flavors. Thanks to the updated package, the brand has become even more recognizable on the shelf. Letters “Ch” in the name was transformed into a crown and became a symbol of the candy, emphasizing its modernity and sophistication.

Following the aspirations of the youth, Royal Charm changes from the outside as well as from the inside. Now, it is even more light-weighted thanks to modern production technologies. White sugar content is reduced by at least 46 %, which at the same time, along with the addition of dry molasses — innovative development of the company and the supplier of raw materials — contributes to expanding the palette of taste sensations.

The shape of candy, which resembles a pyramid, remains unchanged.

In September, a specialty from Royal Charm — trendy “salted caramel” candy — was presented. The original flavor of salted caramel adds undertones of maple syrup, and the cream contains caramel crisps and natural sea salt.

Today, Royal Charm is presented in four flavors: creamy cream, coconut cream, nut cream, salted caramel. Products can be purchased in different package formats.

To amaze with new flavors of candies, to keep a close emotional connection with the youth and its values this is how the company sees a course for perspective in the development of the brand.



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