AIRY unique aerated chocolate has supplemented AVK chocolate bar line

3 October 2019

The company started manufacturing aerated chocolate for the first time in its long history. Thanks to the innovative approach, AVK technologists have created a unique product, surpassing existing counterparts in the world.

The special feature of the product is its texture. The density of AVK aerated chocolate bubbles is 0.59 g/cm³, when this is usually 0.8 g/cm³. This is what gives the sweets exceptional tenderness and gives them delicate chocolate taste.

The aerated chocolate line is presented with two traditional and two original flavors:

- DARK - aerated dark;

- MILK - aerated milk;

- CARAMEL - aerated white;

- LIME - aerated white.

LIME aerated white chocolate is the exclusive in the Ukrainian market.

The new aerated chocolate collection is also a real blast of color. Bright product design stands it out on store shelves, attracting the attention of consumers.

“Ukrainians are fond of aerated chocolate. Nowhere else in the world people consume it in such quantities. The aerated chocolate segment occupies 25% of the national chocolate bar market share and shows high growth dynamics. Following the trend, we have released a line of aerated chocolate, surprising the consumer with not only the shape and texture, but also the unusual flavors. We are convinced that a unique novelty will take special place in hearts of Ukrainians” – says category manager Yevheniia Savytska.

The groundbreaking novelty is already on sale.

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