Stages of selection

We have the best professionals in various fields. If you want to join AVK team, just send your resume to
Even if now there are no open vacancies in your field, send a resume and cover letter describing the position or function that you are interested in. We will contact you if a suitable position appear.

There are series of interview meetings - with the representative of the Directorate for Personnel, the Head of Department and Head of the General Directorate of the company.

Personel assessment
The company provides tools that define the most important individual characteristics, values ​​and behaviors for each level positions. Through evaluation toolkit, we find the best candidate for the appropriate job, define its future potential, choose the methods of situational leadership, laying the foundation for future training, learning and development.

ПAfter each meeting, we will contact applicants and provide a review and evaluation.

Proposal for employment
The final stage is the final approval of the candidate. Representatives of Personel Department agree on terms of cooperation with the candidate, discuss with him financial compensation and benefits, answer all the questions that interest him.

Access to work and adaptation
For fast and efficient induction of a new employee, on the first day of the work, representative of Personel Department presents the colleagues and provides a guide to the new employee, within a few weeks arrange meetings with representatives of various departments, which introduce a new employee various areas of work, rules and procedures.