About company

About company

AVK Company is one of the leaders of the national confectionery market.

The history of AVK is more than 30 years of a dedicated teamwork in order to achieve the highest result - impeccable quality of products.

AVK company
is in top
3 Ukraine 
confectionery brands.

AVK produces chocolate, chocolate sweets, cereal sweets and snacks, as well as other confectionery products. Our key-brands, which conquered the consumers' hearts both in Ukraine and far beyond: ROYAL CHARM; TRUFALIE; TRUFFLE; CHOCOLATE NIGHT; KRESKO; BAM-BUK; BRUNCH; MAJOR; GULLIVER; WHO SAID MUUU?; FLORENS; FRUTTA.


Our production facilities are located in the Dnipro city. We make our sweets on ultra-modern high-tech equipment. The production of AVK is certified according to the international quality management systems ISO 9000, ISO 22000. Since 2023 we have an experience of production in accordance with the high quality kosher standards “ Badatz “

AVK also uses the global trend of Private Label - we have experience of collaboration with international companies in manufacturing products under the customer’s brand.

Today AVK is a team of  professionals of confectionery who are working every day to create new sweet masterpieces.

AVK - quality guaranteed!

Our values



The AVK confectionery masters invest their talent and experience in every candy they make. Our sweets are a sign of a constant attention to the market needs, absolute transparency of production processes and guaranteed quality. We dedicate ourselves to the consumer's needs, that is why consumers trust our products. This is the greatest reward to us.



A team is a secret of our success. Professionalism of every team member is the key to success on the way to the common goal.

The distinctive feature of our team's development and formation is an opportunity of every employee's self-fulfilment. The company provides all the conditions for personal development and professional growth for every team member. We are sure that realization of every great strategy is impossible without talented people.



Our desire for development is motivated by the wish to satisfy our customers' demanding tastes and actual needs. The key to achieve our goal is the investments in ultra-modern equipment, developing our own production technologies and constant introduction of new product categories. Every day we become better than we were yesterday.

We turned our professionalism into excellence and the making of sweets - into the high art.


Now Company AVK

  • is popular within 30 countries worldwide.





For more than  30 years of dedicated work AVK have gained the reputation of reliable and responsible company.

Consumers trust us. Our partners always respect us for open and transparent policy in business relations.

The fair name and brand are most valuable assets for us!