22 January 2021

AVK enters 2021 with the launch of a long-awaited innovative product - vegetable meat DREAMEAT.

Our world is fast changing. In order to keep up with the trends and create competitive products, companies need to be one step ahead. The main feature of DREAMEAT is the absence of methylcellulose in its composition. This particular characteristic allowed AVK to surpass all other producers! The recipe of the product was created by testing and careful selection of components so that the taste, texture and smell resembled real meat chop.

"Throughout evolution, humanity has undergone all stages of development - from cannibalism to eating other animals. Leo Tolstoy was once concerned with the question of mankind's transition to a plant-based diet. We are not looking to reproach anyone for their diet. However, it is necessary to encourage people to change over to plant foods.

I am proud that AVK has crossed the Rubicon - it has grown and ceased to be just a confectionery producer. N AVK is a food company now! We have released a product that will make a breakthrough in the vegetable food market. After my post on Facebook about the launch of DREAMEAT meat, I received a lot of positive feedback, numerous suggestions and realized that we are on the right track. We will proceed with active movement in this direction, competently creating healthy and delicious products based on our 30 years of experience. " commented Volodymyr Avramenko, CEO of AVK.

“Back in 2013, after visiting a lab of a French factory as part of a business trip, I received a task: to develop a new product using vegetable protein. Developments and research in this area have been going on for a very long time, we have developed thousands of tests with hundreds of ingredients’ combinations. By trial and error and cooperation with Western technologists, we created our own, unlike any other, product. And now, finally, it's time to demonstrate the world the result of our work. ", shared her memories the chief technologist of AVK.

“Between the moment of approval of DREAMEAT burger chop recipe to actual launch of the product manufacturing unprecedentedly little time passed. For the timely start, the necessary modern equipment was promptly found and installed at the enterprise. The whole team, technologist to mechanic, got involved in the process in a coordinated and purposeful way.”, said Deputy General Director for Production and Innovation Andriy Garyazha.

"Development and launch of new products and start-ups during the crisis is not only a bold and risky step for the company. The experience of the world’s booming businesses shows that a high-quality innovative brand is ready not only to compete, but also to defeat established leaders. The company has extremely ambitious plans which we are already beginning to realize.”, says Vitalina Arbuzina, Marketing Director.

 “DREAMEAT is an innovative product that does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes, and, most importantly, antibiotics and cholesterol. It is a 100% natural vegetable meat. It is a source of iron, phosphorus and OMEGA 9 and contains a balanced amino acid protein. " - proudly announced brand manager Oleg Novoselov.

The company hopes for high appraisal from consumers. The new vegetable product is created not only for vegans or vegetarians, it is also a great alternative for those who fast.

DREAMEAT is ideal for nutrition of athletes during active training.

Great changes are taking place in the world, one can already feel how fast perception is changing; human interest in conscious consumption and our planet’s environment preservation is growing.

Speaking of ecology, we would like to emphasize that during DREAMEAT packaging development, special attention was paid to the maximum reduction of harmful components in its composition and recycling option.

As part of a new strategy of production expansion, AVK decided to make a breakthrough and took a big step in the development of new areas - gave birth to a new brand DREAMEAT.

The novelty will soon be presented in Ukrainian retail chains. Currently, DREAMEAT vegetable meat can be purchased in the company's online store at https://avksweets.com/catalog/dreameat/6556/

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