16 April 2021

"How to avoid gaining weight over the quarantine?" - Wrong question. What should you eat to lose weight? Here's what's important. All jokes aside.

5 reasons why BRUNCH multigrain sandwich is a perfect snack:

  1. Quality food doesn’t mean it comes "from the restaurant". BRUNCH sandwich contains protein, fiber, vegetables and fatty acids Omega-9 to make your body work properly and harmoniously. You won’t find palm oil, dyes, preservatives in it, only healthy ingredients.

  2. You shouldn’t disregard routine and skip meals! Breakfast launches metabolism, and a snack every 3 hours habituates a body to regular energy intake, reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. Do you want to lose weight? Eat! Even when you're getting late and workload is huge.

  3. Give up sweets to get rid of drowsiness. Neurobiologists have explained long ago that drowsiness in the afternoon is caused by sugar. Therefore, vegetable BRUNCH with a low glycemic index helps both to keep hunger away in time and qualitatively, as well aas to stay fresh after your meal.

  4. A positive mini-ritual creates a new habit, and a new habit changes the way of life. It's simple: choose your future superpower, take one step towards the goal then take this step again and again - and reward yourself with a crunchy BRUNCH for every little victory.

Do you wake up at 7 am or end your day jogging? It is easy to learn Chinese with BRUNCH during a lunch break or master java from scratch!

  1. In spring we long for vegetables! Fresh bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes or basil with spinach? Choosing between new BRUNCH vegetable flavours is not easy, but place an order from UAH 350 and get courier delivery to any city. Order BRUNCH individually to try each taste, or a whole box if you know exactly what you want.

Pamper yourself a simple habit that will help your body function properly around the clock. Eat, stay lean and energetic. The future is here already.

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