A novelty hits the Ukrainian coffee market - ground coffee from TM BARISTI

19 June 2017

TM BARISTI has expanded its assortment, launching a line of ground coffee on the Ukrainian market. This is a unique offer in the mid-range segment because Baristi coffee is 100% the best Arabica beans.

The product is presented in two types of roasting, Viennese and Italian, each of which has its own exceptional taste. The main delicacy secret of the drink is a unique balance between the roasting type, the grinding degree, and the use of high-quality Arabica beans.

The Baristi Viennese Roasting ground coffee is created from a blend of 100% Arabica beans from the highlands of Central and South America and East Africa, which add a slightly sour taste to the drink. The medium Viennese-type roasting enriches the coffee with a luxurious rich aroma and a balanced taste, ranging from a slight dark chocolate bitterness to a slight wine sourness. The middle grinding of the coffee beans is perfect for making it in a drip (filter) coffee maker, Turkish coffee brewing pot, or geyser coffee maker (Moka).

The Baristi Italian Roasting ground coffee contains 100% Arabica beans from South America. The dark Italian-type roasting makes the coffee strong, rich and bold in flavor with an intense aroma. The fine grinding of coffee beans is perfect for making coffee in a cup (the most popular method of coffee brewing in Ukraine), in a Turkish coffee brewing pot, or in an espresso machine.

The Baristi Coffee in both types of roasting is labeled the Highest Grade, which, according to the National State Standard (GOST), means that the product contains 100% Arabica beans (unlike the other First Grade label, which marks a product with 100% Robusta beans or a mixture of Robusta and Arabica beans).

The Baristi ground coffee is roasted, ground, and packaged by one of the largest independent producers of ground coffee in Europe - UCC Coffee (the Netherlands).

The new product is presented in two types of packaging. The first one is an airfree compact of 240 g, which keeps the air away from the product to preserve the taste and aroma of the freshly brewed coffee. The second type is a 70 g package that protects the product from airing and allows offering the coffee at a more affordable price for packaging.

Launching the new assortment is the reinforcement of the image and strengthening of the new Baristi brand on the Ukrainian coffee market. The share of Baristi in the ground coffee segment in the Ukrainian market is planned to be 5% by the end of 2017.

On May 2016, a new coffee line under TM Baristi was opened in the instant coffee segment. The launch proved the success of the brand. For twelve months, the sales reached UAH 90-100 million; the Baristi instant coffee market share was 2%, and the brand awareness reached 41%.

To date, TM Baristi in the category of instant freeze-dried coffee is already represented on the market of Moldova. The markets of the CIS countries are the next.

There is a long-term plan to launch a TM Baristi whole bean coffee line. 

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