AVK made the first deliveries of sweets to Malaysia

2 July 2018

AVK confectionery company expands export horizons by opening new markets. From now on, the products of the company can be purchased in stores of another Asian country - Malaysia.      

As of today, the first 50 tons of Ukrainian sweets have been delivered to this country. The company plans to develop this direction by gradually increasing sales volumes.

"AVK is one of the first Ukrainian confectionery companies that catered chocolate products on the Malaysian market. We have already completed the first three deliveries of sweets and we are working on the following orders. The partners highly appreciated the quality of products guaranteed by the company, the taste characteristics of our delicacies, the design and packaging format", - told Andrii Radchuk, deputy general director of strategic development of the company.

This market has its own peculiarities. In Malaysia, a country with hot and very humid climate, the products in individual, attractive packaging are desirable. The company received the most positive reviews for Royal Masterpiece, Dessert mix and Mr. BIGuin candies. The locals are dear to taste chocolate bars from AVK, including sugar free, and KRESKO sweet snacks.

The company is convinced that AVK's delicacies will surely win the love of Malaysian consumers, because they fully correspond to their taste preferences. 

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