Gold standard and unique tastes: AVK presented a new collection of chocolate bars

11 September 2018

AVK confectionery company has expanded the range of chocolate with new flavors and formats, improving the recipes and applying a unique production technology.

"We have created something special. We confidently enter new season with a new chocolate portfolio, which consists of 12 unique products. Chocolate products are the foundation of the AVK brand and the basis of our image. Therefore, we know for sure what a real high-quality chocolate should be and we make it with pleasure for our consumers", - mentioned the General Director of the company Volodymyr Avramenko.

AVK chocolate has the highest degree of grinding (more than 95%) thanks to which the delicacy is melting in the mouth specifically that is characteristic only of up-market high quality chocolate.

The basis of the new portfolio is AVK Extra dark 80% chocolate. This product is a gold standard of chocolate, it consists of only two ingredients: cocoa products and sugar. In addition, the company offers consumers a series of chocolate with unique flavors in the most daring combinations. In particular, the recipe of milk chocolate includes almond paste, which provides a unique delicate flavor of the bar. And the dark chocolate in combination with pieces of natural blueberries is a unique gift for gourmets.

"There is a stereotype in the Ukrainian market that natural chocolate from a domestic producer is something impossible. We have risen to this challenge and prove with our assortment that our chocolate can be real and of high quality", - says the marketing manager of the "chocolate" category Yevheniia Savitska.

The flavor range is renewed with 12 new tastes. The presented line is dominated by dark chocolate, as it is associated with naturalness and authenticity.

Products in sticks weighing 38 g. are represented by four flavors:

- AVK dark chocolate with truffle filling;

- AVK dark chocolate with raspberry filling;

- AVK dark chocolate with creamy liqueur (limited series);

- AVK milk chocolate with nut filling.

Bar products weighing 90 g. are represented by six flavors:

- AVK Extra dark chocolate 80%;

- AVK dark chocolate 57% of cocoa;

- AVK dark chocolate with blueberry;

- AVK dark chocolate with hazelnut;

- AVK milk chocolate;

- AVK milk chocolate with hazelnut.

AVK  dark and milk chocolate in miniature bars can be purchased in a weight format (chocolate "for testing").

Raw materials of world quality, modern design, handy packaging, improved form of bars and many years of experience of the AVK masters - all these make the new chocolate a bright offer on store shelves. We are sure that the novelties will certainly win the consumers’ hearts, both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

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