12 April 2021

DREAMEAT became the first vegetable meat in Ukraine to receive ecological certification. It confirms the product's compliance with the highest international standards.

There is an alternative to sausages, steaks and other products of animal origin. DREAMEAT vegetable meat products can be partially or completely introduced into the diet and make human nutrition healthier and more favourable. Dreameat vegetable meat products are marked with the "Green Crane" eco-label which certifies that it has been inspected by a competent certification authority at all stages of its life cycle. Dreameat certified products are made of natural ingredients, containing no antibiotics, artificial flavors, preservatives, methylcellulose and GMOs. Choosing a plant-based alternative to meat will significantly reduce the burden on the environment and our planet.

Industrial livestock generates a substantial share of CO₂ emissions, requires huge areas for grazing animals, large amounts of water for production, etc. According to various estimations, the production of 1 kg of beef requires 16-25 thousand liters of water. The share of industrial livestock in total greenhouse gas emissions is ~ 18%.

Vegetable meat production requires 90% less energy and causes profoundly less greenhouse gas emissions.

Let's make a smart choice for ourselves and the environment together! DREAMEAT cares.


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